From The Couch - Big 12 Media Days


Chris Klieman, Skylar Thompson, and Jahron McPherson participated in Big 12 media days on Wednesday.  I listened to all of the interviews and here are the quotes I found most notable.

"We've had a really good spring and exceptional summer. We have a new strength and conditioning staff led by Tru Carroll who has an unbelievable impact on our football team and our football players and helped enhance the already good culture at Kansas State to another level. "...Chris Klieman, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  I've heard nothing but good things about Trumain Carroll and his strength and conditioning staff.  For Klieman to mention him in his opening statement shows the impact they are having.

"Mental health is a real deal.  I saw that this year in 2020 throughout the entire season, as well as my own daughter who was a freshman at K-State who said she didn't like college.  Well, how can you like college when you are sitting in your dorm room all the time?  I saw kids suffer from mental health when they see a buddy taken off the practice field and know that he's the roommate so he's next."...Chris Klieman, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  I hope Covid protocols don't affect the team like they did last season.  I'm ready for a "no excuse" season for the football program.

"We played nine guys in the offensive line extensively, and they are all back.  So I really think it's going to be one of our strengths of our football team, is going to be on the offensive line, and it's going to have to be to keep Skylar (Thompson) healthy and give him time to get the ball to so many of the people that we have that can do some things with it."...Chris Klieman, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  The offensive line will be a strength and it appears the tight end position will be as well.... 

"Bay-Bay is what we call him, is going to be a difference-maker.  He's a tremendous, tremendous football player.  We were able to see him this spring.  Can do everything as a tight end.  He can run, he can block, he can move but his biggest impact has been in our locker room.  His biggest impact has been talking and communicating there and being there as a mentor for some of our players."...Chris Klieman, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  I prefer "Bay-Bay" instead of trying to pronounce Imatorbhebhe.

"Second part of it is I think Manhattan is a home run for Name, Image and Likeness.  We are the main story in town.  Kansas State University and our athletic department and our kids are out in the community in all of our sports. So if a kid comes to Manhattan, everybody is going to know him in that community and he's going to have a lot of opportunities.  So for kids that think that you have to go to the big market areas, I disagree.  I think Manhattan is a gold mine for NIL."...Chris Klieman, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  Good point by Klieman here.  Hope he's able to sell this to recruits.

"I wore No. 7 my first year playing ball. Throughout high school, that was my number. I wanted to be No. 7 my first year of college, but it was taken. Throughout my time, I thought about switching, but it just never really timed up well. With this year, I was like why not? Why not finish this thing like I started it? That number means a lot to me."...Skylar Thompson, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  Hmm.  I thought we were told the number change was in homage to Collin Klien?  This explanation makes more sense.

"Our defensive line is going to be really good this year."...Jahron McPherson, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  I sure hope so.

"A lot of people will be surprised how we look this year."...Jahron McPherson, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  The context of this was him saying the defense is going to be better than people anticipate.

"Julius Brents, our new corner, is due for a really good season.  He's an unbelievable player."...Skylar Thompson, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  Skylar was answering a question about players that have stood out to him in practice.  He mentioned Brents and....

"I think Malik (Knowles) is due for a really good year."...Skylar Thompson, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  I am expecting to see a lot of Thompson to Knowles touchdowns this season.

"We're here to win a Big 12 championship."...Skylar Thompson, Big 12 Media Days, July 14

JM:  It's great to have goals, but I'll take eight wins and call this season a success.

Not one of these three mentioned Jake Rubley during their interviews.  I found his omission interesting and I also found it interesting that no reporters asked about him.  He may end up red-shirting after all.


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