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Big 12 Recruiting Trends

There was a lot of discussion regarding my post last week about what the Big 12 needs to do to become a regular contender in the college football playoff.  I discussed recruiting rankings and specifically compared the recruiting rankings of Oklahoma and Texas to that of the teams that almost always make the four-team college football playoff.  I decided to take a deeper dive at the recruiting rankings of the Big 12 programs and analyze the trends.  My theory is that the recruiting rankings of the programs in the Big 12 mirror how each team finishes in the conference. The 24x7Sports composite recruiting rankings seem to be the most accurate rankings out there, so that's what I used for this research.  24x7Sports has a recruiting service that ranks all of the high school talent in the country by classification (five-star, four-star, three-star, two-star, etc.) and by number.  To come up with their composite score, they look at the player ratings of other services and combine them all

What Will It Take For A Big 12 Team To Win The College Football Playoff?

Another college football playoff selection show aired Sunday and this one was the least dramatic yet.  I normally look forward to watching, but the announcement of the teams and their seeding this year was already a given well before the show aired.  Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Notre Dame were selected to compete for the national championship.  The Big 12 wasn't expected to get a team in this year because league champion Oklahoma had two losses, but if they had somehow been selected would it have mattered?  I'm not sure Oklahoma would have been able to compete with Alabama or Clemson on the field.  That got me thinking...what does the Big 12 need to do to have a representative worthy of winning the national championship in college football? The four-team college football playoff has been in existence for seven years now.  Alabama and Clemson have each been selected six times. Ohio State and Oklahoma have each been selected four times.  Alabama and Clemson have played each

From The Couch - Basketball Swims With The Dolphins/Deuce Vaughn Freshman Of The Year/Elijah Sullivan To The NFL

  A 24 point victory over the Jacksonville Dolphins on Monday was exactly what the K-State basketball players and coaches needed going into the Christmas break, but the fan base is still not impressed.  There has been some more football news in the last few days, so let's take a look at everything that's happening with K-State athletics.... "After a series of double-digit losses and narrow victories to start the season, the Wildcats put it all together — or at least enough so to handle a weary and overmatched Jacksonville team — Monday afternoon, cruising to a 70-46 victory over the Dolphins at Bramlage Coliseum." ...Arne Green, Topeka Capitol Journal, December 21. JM:  A win is a win, so there is little to complain about.  I found myself very bored watching this game.  Jacksonville was easily over-matched and never had a chance to be competitive in this one.  This was more like an exhibition game.  And why exactly was it scheduled for 1:00 on a Monday afternoon on

From The Couch - Bruceketball Suffers 31-Point Loss To Baylor/Skylar Thompson Returning For The 2021 Football Season

  “A week ago Tuesday, it was not a very good day. They came together. I told Wyatt (Thompson) and the radio people on the pregame (show) that if going through the loss last week brings our team together, I’ll take all the criticism. I’ll take all the gruff. It doesn’t matter. I think it brought those guys together.” ...Bruce Weber, Iowa State post-game, December 15 JM:  K-State beat Iowa State in Ames 75-64 on Tuesday.  It was an ugly game.  I don't recall watching an Iowa State basketball team play so poorly and I found myself distracted on Twitter while the game was going on.  Watching two horrible basketball teams, even though one of them is "my" team, doesn't really keep my interest.  Bruce said in the quote above that he thought the Fort Hays State loss brought the team together.  Yesterday proved that the comments were just fluff.  “Normally in a Big 12 game if you score 69 that gives you a chance.” ...Bruce Weber, Baylor post-game, December 19 JM:  Way to

Patience Continues to Wear Thin for Bruce Weber in Another Rebuild at Kansas State

When someone asks me for my prediction before a K-State basketball game, I think of one of my favorite movie scenes from Rocky 3.  In this particular scene, Clubber Lang, played by Mr. T, is being interviewed prior to his championship fight with Rocky. The interviewer asks, "What's your prediction for the fight?"  Lang says, "Prediction?"  He then looks directly at the camera and says, "PAIN." It's often painful watching K-State basketball under Bruce Weber, but it's been especially painful this season.  The Wildcats have gotten off to a 2-4 start, including a horrifyingly bad 13-point loss to division two Fort Hays State, who was playing without their head coach and number one assistant coach due to Covid. "K-State" was trending on Twitter after the game that night for all the wrong reasons. The K-State basketball team hasn't started a season 1-4 since the 1965-66 season when Lyndon Johnson was President of the United States and

From The Couch - Basketball Notes And Another Football Transfer

  I'm running out of adjectives to describe K-State basketball.  When you lose by 13 points to a division two basketball team that was 0-3 on the season and was missing their head coach, top assistant coach and best player, "humiliating" and "embarrassing" don't do it justice.  After the game, Bruce Weber used "disappointing" and "sad"...... “This was very, very disappointing and sad for our program. I knew the season was not going to be easy. Obviously, I didn’t think it would be this tough. We’ve had to go through COVID, injuries, all that, but there’s no way this should happen.” ...Bruce Weber, Fort Hays State post-game, December 8 JM:  Weber made these comments after losing 81-68 to Fort Hays State.  Every basketball program in the country is going through Covid and is dealing with injuries.  Why bother mentioning this as an excuse? “Hat’s off to Fort Hays State. They played unbelievable, made shots maybe they’ve never made in the

What's Next For K-State Football

The Kansas State Wildcats were embarrassed by the Texas Longhorns in their regular-season finale on Saturday, losing 69-31 and falling to 4-6 on the season.  It seems like ages ago when K-State was 4-1 and tied for first place in the Big 12.  The wheels fell off during a 37-10 blowout loss to West Virginia on Halloween, which was the first of three blowout losses K-State suffered this season.  The others: a 45-0 loss to Iowa State in Ames and the 38 point loss to Texas in Manhattan on Saturday. Texas dominated offensively and did whatever they wanted all game long, racking up 608 total yards.  As a K-State fan, I was having flashbacks to watching Wildcat defenses in 2007 and 2008 when Ron Prince was head coach.  Those defenses were historically bad. Chris Klieman commented to the media after the game, “We couldn’t stop them (and) we ran out of players. All of that being said, give Texas credit. That running back (Robinson) is a great player. That quarterback, in my mind, is the best

From The Couch - K-State Basketball's Embarrassing Start

  K-State basketball has started the season 1-3, their lone win a four point victory over perennial loser Kansas City.  They've lost their three games by an average of 13 points.  This season could end up being historically bad for the basketball Wildcats.  It hasn't been pretty, but let's review what has happened so far this season.... “I knew it was going to be a difficult game for us. They’re a veteran team.” ...Bruce Weber, Drake post-game, November 25th JM:  Weber made this comment after losing to Drake 80-70 to open the season.  I went and looked at the Drake basketball media guide.  They have five newcomers this season and are led in points by a junior and led in rebounds by another junior.  I don't really care to investigate further.  Guess I'll take Bruce's word for it. “They made all the big plays down the stretch to solidify it. We gave up too many points.” ...Bruce Weber, post-game, November 25th JM:  The game was tied with 7:41 left and Drake outsco

From The Couch - Football Team Embarrassed Against Texas

    The football Wildcats were embarrassed by the Texas Longhorns in their regular season finale yesterday, losing 69-31 and falling to 4-6 on the season.  It wasn't a good day to be a K-State fan, as the basketball Wildcats, now 1-3 on the season, lost 68-58 to previously winless UNLV.  There's not much to be excited about with either program right now. “I thought they had a really good game plan and their kids were ready to battle and play.  They took it to us. Disappointed in the loss, disappointed in the outcome.” ...Chris Klieman, post-game JM:  I think Klieman says this after every loss.  He's turning into Andy Reid with the robotic post-game press conference comments. “One of the most frustrating parts was that they had key offensive lineman that weren’t in the game, and the defensive line was excited to take advantage of the opportunity with how disruptive we’ve been playing.. But they definitely schemed our defensive line super well." ...Wyatt Hubert, po

Does K-State Have An Offensive Coordinator Problem?

Another disappointing loss for the Kansas State Wildcats on Saturday, losing 32-31 to Baylor on a last-second field goal.  This was their fourth loss in a row and fans are quickly losing patience after such a great start to the 2020 season.  K-State once again had some key players out against Baylor but had an 11 point lead in the first half and led by nine points with just under nine minutes left in the game. Baylor quarterback Charlie Brewer played great, but K-State had control for most of the game, and had it not been for some questionable play-calling, should have pulled out the victory.  Most K-State fans pointed the finger at offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham.  There are three key sequences in the game that were very questionable.  Even the ESPN announcers questioned the K-State offense at various times during the game. 1) K-State led 17-6 with two minutes left in the first half and had the ball first and 10 on their own 45-yard line.  Messingham called three straight ru

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