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Stuff from Joe's storage room - "Hold The Mayo!"

    I tend to be a pack rat, especially when it comes to K-State stuff.  I've been cleaning out my storage room the last couple of weeks and found this old newspaper from 2008.  It was the first time K-State made the NCAA tournament since 1993 and the team was led by future NBA players Michael Beasley and Bill Walker.  They drew USC, led by OJ Mayo, in the first round.  OJ Mayo was considering going to K-State before committing to USC that season.  One thing I noticed upon reading this again was that K-State was receiving top billing at the time, even above KU, who had an article near the bottom of the page after their victory over Portland State in the tournament. I saved the paper because it was K-State's first NCAA victory in a very long time and there was a lot of excitement around the basketball program for the first time in a very long time as well.  It was kind of fun to find this and read through it again.  I might get it framed and hang it on the wall with my other K-S

From The Couch - K-State Football News and Notes/Coronavirus Testing

"Seven K-State football players tested positive for COVID-19 after undergoing surveillance testing this week, according to team spokesman Kenny Lannou. This is the first known spike in coronavirus cases within the Wildcats’ roster since the they experienced an outbreak during voluntary summer workouts and briefly had to pause all team activities for a few weeks in late June and early July." ...Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle, August 28, 2020 JM:  At first glance seven positive tests seems like a lot until you realize they tested 140 players.  Practice will continue as scheduled in preparation for the September 12th opener against Arkansas State. "The question for Klieman now is: How do the Wildcats navigate the next two weeks of practice without a chunk of their players? On top of the seven players that tested positive this week, sources have said four other K-State players have decided to “opt out” of the upcoming season because of concerns about the coronavirus

From The Couch - Darren Sproles Update

Darren Sproles recently announced his retirement from the NFL, but that doesn't mean he's done with the NFL.  He was hired by the Eagles as a Personnel Consultant and was recently given the key to the city of Olathe.  He was the third person in the last 18 years to be presented the key to the city of Olathe. "Recently retired NFL star and Olathe, Kansas, native Darren Sproles was presented the key to the city Monday during a ceremony at Central Elementary School. Sproles, who retired from the NFL in December after a 15-year career, spoke to students at Central about perseverance and more. Along with the key to the city, Sproles was presented an Olathe strong jersey with his trademark No. 43.", February 24th, 2020. JM:  I guess I should follow the local news more closely, as I missed this story when it happened.  You can watch the short video of the presentation here: "Darren Sproles technically isn't a coach.  The Eagles hired the 15-year ve

From The Couch - Predictions for K-State Football in 2020

    We're just under three weeks away from the college football season starting on September 12th.  K-State opens against Arkansas State.  Chris Klieman led the 2019 Cats to an 8-4 record which has the fan base excited about the possibilities in 2020.  In this "From The Couch," let's see what people around the country are saying about the 2020 Wildcats. "They're changing coordinators and getting most of their starters back (on defense). They could make a jump this year." ...Athlon Sports, August 18th, 2020 JM:  Athlon asked Big 12 coaches to anonymously comment on their Big 12 opponents going into the 2020 season.   This coach thinks K-State is going to take a jump up this season. "7. Kansas State Chris Klieman delivered one of the best debuts by a new coach last fall, guiding K-State to an 8-5 finish and a winning record (5-4) in Big 12 games. Klieman will have his work cut out this offseason, as the Wildcats return just nine starters and face f

From The Couch - #iwanttoplay

The college football season is on the brink of being cancelled due to the MAC cancelling their fall football season yesterday.  Many thought the dominoes would start falling quickly, but they haven't so far today.  Some prominent players started a hashtag #iwanttoplay which has gained some steam since last night.  Let's take a look. "I don’t know about y’all, but we want to play." ...Trevor Lawrence, Clemson QB, Twitter JM:  Many of Trevor Lawrence's teammates echoed this sentiment.  But will it make a difference?  " There’s a reason our team has had little to no cases or complications with handling COVID-19. I am extremely grateful for our staff, and particularly the training staff, for putting our health first and thus allowing us to continue mastering our crafts. We are ready. #iwanttoplay" ...Will Levis, Penn State QB, Twitter JM:  Levis retweeted similar sentiments from about 10 of his Penn State teammates. " Just about every sport you could wa

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