Great K-State Moments - Bishop to McDonald Against Nebraska in 1998

The 1998 K-State/Nebraska game was one for the ages.  K-State came into the game as the number two ranked team in the country and Nebraska was ranked number 11.  K-State hadn't beaten Nebraska since the Stone Age and had their best team ever, led by Michael Bishop.

This is one of the great K-State games that I did not see in person.  I gave up my season tickets temporarily because we had a baby at home and it was a struggle to make it to any games.  I had a watch party with a bunch of friends and family over to my house to watch.  This one was a huge event.

I remember tickets were a premium for this game, going for upwards of 500 dollars apiece.  K-State fans were really confident going into the game that they were finally going to get over the hump and beat Nebraska.

Nebraska had different plans however.  They definitely did not lie down and were up 17-14 before this touchdown pass from Bishop to McDonald in the third quarter.  I vividly remember losing my "nevousness" after this touchdown pass, thinking that K-State had it.  I was right.

I used to tape all of the games on VHS.  It was hard to get a whole game on one VCR tape, so I usually had to switch out tapes halfway through the game in order to get the entire game.  This is one that I have on two VCR tapes.  A while back I got a VCR to DVD converter and transferred all my VCR tapes to DVD and then I got some video editing software to convert and upload some of my favorite highlights.  You can watch this one and some others on my YouTube channel.

It's also fun to listen to Keith Jackson announce this game.  Back in 1998 this was a big deal.  Jackson only announced the games that involved the top teams in the country and this indicated that K-State had finally arrived!


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