Great K-State Moments - Andre Coleman's Punt Return Touchdown In The Copper Bowl

The 1993 Copper Bowl was K-State's first bowl game in a long bowl game streak under coach Bill Snyder.  Nobody knew exactly what to expect.  Wyoming had an 8-3 record going into the game and K-State was 8-2-1 and ranked number 20 in the AP poll.

At the point in the game that Coleman returned this punt for a touchdown, K-State was leading 17-10.  This put K-State up by two touchdowns and it was a dagger as they went on to blow out Wyoming 52-17.

This was really K-State's first game on a national stage for Bill Snyder's Wildcats.  It was broadcast on ESPN in prime time and Kevin Harlan and Craig James called the game.  It was obvious to anyone watching that K-State's players were much faster than Wyoming's players and the game ended up a mismatch.

I didn't attend the Copper Bowl, but watched it at a buddy's apartment.  Another thing I enjoy about this video clip is the Sean Dabney sign.  Sean was my roommate for a year when I was in school at K-State.

Andre Coleman racked up a career-high 283 yards of total offense, tying or breaking three Copper Bowl records along the way.  What a night.


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