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MAC Announces Delay of Fall Sports...Except Football

On Thursday, the MAC announced a delay of fall sports until September 3rd except for football, which is noteworthy because K-State is scheduled to play a member of the MAC, Buffalo, on September 5th in the first game of the 2020 season.  I assume this means that all of the MAC football team(s) are allowed to show up to work out and practice in preparation of the fall football season.  Looks like the MAC is still planning on a fall football season. Buffalo is picked by Athlon Sports to win the MAC this year, so this one will not be a cakewalk for the Cats.

Time to change the offensive "Wildcat" nickname of Kansas State University

It's time. Time to remove the "Wildcat" nickname from Kansas State University.  With all the unjust and offensive sport team nicknames out there, this one must be added to the list of cancellations.  Washington Redskins?  Cleveland Indians? Texas Rangers?  Dallas Cowboys?  Kansas City Chiefs?  If these team names are going to be changed as a result of the "woke" social media mob, I believe K-State fans should join the social justice warriors and force the hand of the administration of Kansas State University to change the nickname of our University. Just take a look at some of the horrible things that wildcats have done in recent history... According to The Daily Beast on April 17th, 2017, a wildcat left one person dead after an attack... From FoxNews on June 24th, 2019, a wildcat attacked a mother and a child... Then watch this video from National Geographic where a wildcat attacks a poor little parrot... Here's another video of a murderous wildcat attack

Great K-State Moments - Mike Ekeler in the Copper Bowl

Here's another clip from the 1993 Copper Bowl.  Mike Ekeler was one of my favorite K-State players.  He and I were in a couple of the same classes at K-State.  He was a normal, quiet guy off the field, but on the field was a different story.  I thought of him as the "Rudy" of K-State football.  A walk-on that was undersized and not very fast, he mostly played on special teams and took advantage of every second he was on the field. He used to lead the football team out onto the field before the games and he would run the entire length of the field to the opposite (south) end zone and headbutt one of the signs posted on the wall.  Sometimes he'd break it and sometimes not, but regardless it was always a lot of fun to watch.  He was a monster on special teams and the clip above shows a short glimpse why.  He ran down at full speed, got blocked and did a cartwheel in the air, landed on his feet and still started running towards the ball carrier to try to get the tackle. 

Great K-State Moments - Andre Coleman's Punt Return Touchdown In The Copper Bowl

The 1993 Copper Bowl was K-State's first bowl game in a long bowl game streak under coach Bill Snyder.  Nobody knew exactly what to expect.  Wyoming had an 8-3 record going into the game and K-State was 8-2-1 and ranked number 20 in the AP poll. At the point in the game that Coleman returned this punt for a touchdown, K-State was leading 17-10.  This put K-State up by two touchdowns and it was a dagger as they went on to blow out Wyoming 52-17. This was really K-State's first game on a national stage for Bill Snyder's Wildcats.  It was broadcast on ESPN in prime time and Kevin Harlan and Craig James called the game.  It was obvious to anyone watching that K-State's players were much faster than Wyoming's players and the game ended up a mismatch. I didn't attend the Copper Bowl, but watched it at a buddy's apartment.  Another thing I enjoy about this video clip is the Sean Dabney sign.  Sean was my roommate for a year when I was in school at K-State. Andre Co

Great K-State Moments - Bishop to McDonald Against Nebraska in 1998

The 1998 K-State/Nebraska game was one for the ages.  K-State came into the game as the number two ranked team in the country and Nebraska was ranked number 11.  K-State hadn't beaten Nebraska since the Stone Age and had their best team ever, led by Michael Bishop. This is one of the great K-State games that I did not see in person.  I gave up my season tickets temporarily because we had a baby at home and it was a struggle to make it to any games.  I had a watch party with a bunch of friends and family over to my house to watch.  This one was a huge event. I remember tickets were a premium for this game, going for upwards of 500 dollars apiece.  K-State fans were really confident going into the game that they were finally going to get over the hump and beat Nebraska. Nebraska had different plans however.  They definitely did not lie down and were up 17-14 before this touchdown pass from Bishop to McDonald in the third quarter.  I vividly remember losing my "nevousness" a

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