From The Couch - The latest on playing college football this fall - Gene Taylor edition

The Wichita Eagle published an article this week that provided some quotes from K-State athletic director Gene Taylor discussing the possibilities of a college football season this fall.  Let's take a look at what he said.

"Kansas State athletic director Gene Taylor says the Big 12 is currently discussing seven primary options for the upcoming football season, and he outlined them during a conversation on Friday.
  • Starting the season as scheduled in early September
  • Starting the season in late September and ending games in December
  • Starting the season in October and playing a conference-only schedule
  • Starting the season in September and playing a conference-only schedule
  • Waiting until 2021 and starting the season in January
  • Waiting until 2021 and starting the season in March
  • Splitting up the season with six games in the fall and six games in the spring"

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Wichita Eagle, May 1, 2020

JM:  The only option I like is the first one!

"Taylor thinks all seven options are on the table right now, but he is more optimistic about certain plans than others. He said starting the season on time 'is going to be a long shot.”'...Wichita Eagle, May 1, 2020

JM:  Well there goes that idea!

'“This is just me talking, but playing a full season starting in January and playing through March is a crazy plan,' Taylor said. 'There are some parts of the country that I’m not sure I want to go to in January and February.'”...Wichita Eagle, May 1, 2020

JM:  Fair point.  So what makes the most sense then?

“Some say that we should start in March and end in May, which may be a little more palatable from a weather perspective,” Taylor said. “But how are you going to handle the draft? And then you’ve got players playing all the way through May and then they are going to come back in the fall. Some of those logistics are crazy to think about.”...Wichita Eagle, May 1, 2020

JM:  This is why I don't think a spring football season will work. Add to that the fact there will be conflicts with basketball, baseball and other sports.  Too many potential issues.

“We are going to talk more about it next week,” Taylor said, “and hone in on the top three or four options that we really think are feasible.”...Wichita Eagle, May 1, 2020

JM: No quick decisions, as this changes on a day to day basis.

'“Whether we play in front of 10 fans or 20,000 fans, I couldn’t tell you,' Taylor said. 'But I do think everybody is trying to figure out a way to play a football season. At this point, we are trying to figure out when we will play a football season.”'...Wichita Eagle, May 1, 2020

JM:  Ultimately college football is about the money. That's why I'm thinking they are going to play games in some format.  As always during these times, stay tuned....

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  1. Without a college football season, a lot of businesses & universities lose crap tons of money. Some of those businesses & universities can’t & won’t recover from that loss of revenue, so they’ll find a way to make the season happen. Period. For a lot of institutions, it’s going to be about their very survival.


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