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From The Couch - Bruce Weber Edition

A great local writer who recently passed away, Greg Hall, had a column in the Kansas City Star (and later on his website) called "Off The Couch."  He would take quotes that he heard or saw in the media and comment on what he had heard.  I thought I'd steal his format and change the name a tad while keeping the same idea and format. Bruce Weber says some interesting things in press conferences.  Some people say he's too honest.  I'd agree with that, but I also think he's just a weird guy in general and has an odd way of communicating.  I thought I'd go back and take a look at some Bruce Weber quotes from this basketball season and try to find out where the season went off the rails.  Here we go. "Right now (Shaun) is suspended. We'll see how things go and when I think he deserves to get back in there. He's got to have a great attitude. It's a challenge to him to stay focused and do what he needs to do to get better. We can still u

The last time K-State Basketball was this bad?

K-State fell to 2-9 in the conference after losing to TCU on Saturday night with six games remaining on the schedule.  This basketball season has been almost unwatchable.  However, Bruce Weber still has a lot of supporters in the fan base.  Guess he gets a pass with them since he tied for the conference lead last season.  He doesn't get a pass from me.  I find this unacceptable. The team should not be this terrible.  Bruce has said on many occasions that he has no idea what to do to right the trip and has even resorted to kissing players in practice.  I wish I was making that up. The last time K-State Basketball finished with two conference wins was 1945-46 when the conference was the Big 6.  They finished 2-8.  With a current winning percentage of .167, it's the worst a K-State team has been in win percentage since finishing 1-9 in 1943 , a .100 win percentage. Yikes.  Can they win any of their remaining six games?

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