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Bruce Weber, Mister Mediocre

I've started to write a few blog posts about Bruce Weber and K-State basketball, oftentimes referred to as Bruceketball, only to delete the posts before posting them publicly because I found my thoughts to be too negative.  I try to be positive in both real life an my online life, but it is definitely difficult at times.  I enjoy following politics, but the negativity really gets to me and I get caught up in it too often.  I also enjoy following sports, but it, too, can become a negative influence and it affects my mood more often than it should.  I really like college basketball.  It's my favorite sport after college football.  I get excited when my team is winning and get angry and upset when they are losing. When I found out Bruce Weber was hired as our coach in 2012, I did a "What? Who?" to my buddy who told me.  This was before the hire was announced publicly and he had some inside information.  Weber had just been fired from Illinois after a 17-15 overall r

Comparing 2018 K-State and 2019 K-State By The Numbers

For those that know me, you know that I'm a numbers guy.  You can learn a lot in life by studying the numbers.  This holds true for sports statistics as well.  I don't only like to go by the "eye test."  If someone says "our offense is a lot better this year than last year," I like to have an idea of the numbers to either verify or counter that thought.  In general, the "eye test" doesn't always work. I thought it would be interesting to compare 2018 K-State football versus 2019 K-State football by the numbers since there was a brand new coaching staff in place for the 2019 season.  There was a lot of Bill Snyder negativity after the 2018 season, much of it justified, but was the 2019 team really THAT much better than the 2018 version?  A look at the numbers tells us that 2019 was slightly better statistically than 2018. Defense was the biggest difference between the 2019 team and the 2018 team, more specifically the pass defense.  Overa

Liberty Bowl Day Two Part Two

Please check out part one and two of my Memphis trip blog if you haven't already.  This is part three! We left the Liberty Bowl game hoping to stop by Payne's Barbecue, but it was already closed for the evening.  Plan B was to try Cozy Corner BBQ, which came highly recommended.  I entered the address in the GPS and it was only five or 10 minutes away from us and basically on the way to downtown Memphis and Beale Street, where my Mom and Dad were going to drop me off and then head back to the hotel. It was already dark outside and we could tell we weren't in the best part of town, but didn't really know how bad of an area we were in. We pulled up to the restaurant and drove through the parking lot and could see inside but there were bars on the door and windows and the people inside were staring at us through the window.  You remember the scene in Animal House where the guys walk into the bar where Otis Day and the Knights are playing? That's the

Liberty Bowl Day Two Part One

We crammed so much into our Memphis trip that I'm going to have to split up day two into two separate blog posts.  The K-State/Navy Liberty Bowl game started around 2:40 on New Year's Eve.  We got up that morning and ate breakfast at the hotel and took our time getting ready to go to the stadium.  We had some beer and snacks so we decided to go tailgate at the stadium. I asked a couple barbecue experts which barbecue places to try in Memphis.  Rendezvous, Payne's and Cozy Corner all came highly recommended.  Rendezvous has some mixed reviews online.  Some people love it and some people think it's highly priced and very overrated.  I knew we wouldn't be able to visit many places because we were heading home on Wednesday, so I narrowed it down to Payne's or Cozy Corner. We drove right by Payne's on the way to the stadium, so we thought we could go to it after the game since it would be on the way home.  The route to the stadium takes you thro

Libery Bowl Trip Day One

My Mom and Dad and I took a short trip to Memphis last week for the Liberty Bowl where K-State played Navy.  We left on Monday, December 30th after I worked in the morning. The drive is about seven hours and 15 minutes from us if you don't stop.  With a couple stops it ends up being about seven and a half hours.  We took a route through Springfield, Missouri and Jonesboro, Arkansas, which is pretty hilly and curvy in some areas.  Once you get out of that area, it's smooth sailing to Memphis. We had hoped to see the tail end of the K-State pep rally on Beale Street, but arrived on Beale just as the pep rally was ending.  We parked a couple blocks away and they had an automated machine to pay for parking.  All I had was 20's on me for cash and put my money in the machine not realizing that the machine doesn't give change back.  So I paid more for parking than necessary, but it wasn't a big deal.  Just FYI in case you're ever in downtown Memphis!

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