Can K-State make the Big 12 Championship Game? Updated October 27th

Last week I posted a scenario where K-State could still make the Big 12 Championship game assuming a loss to Oklahoma and Oklahoma winning out.  While it was kind of posted in jest at the time, it is now turning into quite a plausible scenario assuming K-State's win against Oklahoma was not a fluke and they can keep playing as well as they did on Saturday.

Assuming the next few weeks turn out like I outlined in my previous post, here is an updated scenario of what could happen.  Almost everything we needed to happen on Saturday did happen, so it was a great weekend for K-State.  Here is the update based on the results of yesterday's games.

Oklahoma:  Beat Iowa State, Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State to finish 8-1.
Baylor:  Beat West Virginia, lose at TCU, lose to Oklahoma, lose to Texas, lose at Kansas to finish 5-4.
Iowa State:  Lose at Oklahoma, lose to Texas, beat Kansas, lose to K-State to finish 4-5.
Texas:  Lose to K-State, beat Iowa State, beat Baylor, lose to Texas Tech to finish 5-4.
K-State:  Beat Kansas, beat Texas, beat West Virginia, beat Texas Tech, beat Iowa State to finish 7-2.
TCU:  Lose at Oklahoma State, beat Baylor, beat Texas Tech, lose at Oklahoma, beat West Virginia to finish 5-4.
Oklahoma State:  Beat TCU, beat Kansas, beat West Virginia, lose to Oklahoma to finish 5-4.
Texas Tech:  Lose at West Virginia, lose to TCU, lose to K-State, lose at Texas to finish 1-8.
West Virginia:  Beat Texas Tech, lose at K-State, lose against Oklahoma State, lose to TCU to finish 3-6.
Kansas:  Lose to K-State, lose at Oklahoma State, lose at Iowa State, beat Baylor to finish 2-7.

This assumes Baylor has a bunch of losses coming up, but would you be surprised if they lose at TCU, OU and Texas?  Even if they beat KU and lose the other three, it would put them at 6-3 and under this scenario K-State would be in the Big 12 Championship game.

Fun to think about!


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