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K-State Named National Team of the Week

The Football Writers Association of America named K-State its National Team of the Week .

Can K-State make the Big 12 Championship Game? Updated October 27th

Last week I posted a scenario where K-State could still make the Big 12 Championship game assuming a loss to Oklahoma and Oklahoma winning out.  While it was kind of posted in jest at the time, it is now turning into quite a plausible scenario assuming K-State's win against Oklahoma was not a fluke and they can keep playing as well as they did on Saturday. Assuming the next few weeks turn out like I outlined in my previous post, here is an updated scenario of what could happen.  Almost everything we needed to happen on Saturday did happen, so it was a great weekend for K-State.  Here is the update based on the results of yesterday's games. Oklahoma:   Beat Iowa State, Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State to finish 8-1. Baylor:   Beat West Virginia, lose at TCU, lose to Oklahoma, lose to Texas, lose at Kansas to finish 5-4. Iowa State:   Lose at Oklahoma, lose to Texas, beat Kansas, lose to K-State to finish 4-5. Texas:   Lose to K-State, beat Iowa State, beat Baylor, lose to

Can K-State Still Make The Big 12 Championship Game?

Good win for the Cats on Saturday against TCU.  It puts K-State at 1-2 and in a tie for third place in the loss column in conference play.  Baylor and OU seem to be running away with the conference so far and have given everyone they've played a loss.  Iowa State and Texas are tied for second at 3-1.  Here are the standings as of today: I thought it would be fun to run a couple scenarios to see if K-State has a chance to make the Big 12 title game.  I didn't spend a LOT of time on this, but I made some predictions for the next couple of weeks and threw a couple of upsets in the mix to get the desired results. This assumes Oklahoma runs the table and K-State runs the table after losing to Oklahoma on Saturday.  Here are the results that would need to happen the rest of the way: Oklahoma:   Beat K-State, Iowa State, Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State to finish 9-0. Baylor:   Beat West Virginia, lose at TCU, lose to Oklahoma, lose to Texas, lose at Kansas to finish 5-4. Iow

Chris Klieman on Big 12 Teleconference

Here's a link to a transcript of Chris Klieman on the Bit 12 Teleconference today.  The biggest thing he said was that Malik Knowles is probably doubtful to practice this week or to play Saturday.

Gary Patterson Expects "Big Boy Ballgame"

Gary Patterson of TCU expects a "Big Boy Ballgame" against K-State on Saturday...

K-State Basketball Recruiting

Bruce Weber and his staff have been silently putting together a very strong recruiting class for 2020.  It is currently ranked number 15 in the country according to 247sports and 18 according to Rivals with three top 150 caliber recruits committed so far and another set to announce this coming Friday.  Here's a look at who has committed so far along with a look at Davion Bradford, who could be committing this Friday. Selton Miguel Selton Miguel is a 6'4" small forward from West Oaks Academy in Orlando, Florida.  According to 247Sports he is ranked as the 139th player nationally, the 27th ranked small forward and the 10th ranked player in the state of Florida.  Rivals has his ranked number 105 nationally and the number 25 small forward.  247Sports has him listed as a three star player and Rivals has him listed as a four star. I found a video with some highlights and he looks pretty athletic with a decent outside shot.  I like what I see. Nigel Pack Nigel P

Chris Klieman Conference Call 10/08/2019

Here is the Chris Klieman press conference from today:

Bowl Projections

K-State is no longer listed in Brett McMurphy's bowl projections...

Chris Klieman comments on Big 12 coaches conference call

Here's a link where you can read Chris Klieman's comments on today's Big 12 coaches conference call:

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