Great Games in K-State Football History - Number 9 - K-State 37 Oklahoma 20, October 29, 1994

This was the first victory Kansas State had at Oklahoma since 1970 and was game two of a five game winning streak against the Sooners.  I found some highlights of the game on YouTube.

I was at this game in person.  A couple of buddies of mine and I took a charter bus ride to and from the game.  It was a great party on the bus the whole way down and back.  I remember being quite impressed with Oklahoma's game day atmosphere.  The whole campus was one big party.  This was before K-State had much of a tailgating scene, so it was quite impressive to witness.

I remember sitting in the stands in the 4th quarter and most of the OU fans had left the stadium but not one K-State fan had left.  One of the food vendors was walking around selling "K-State sodas" and lamented "This is sad!  We used to do beat you guys like this!"

This game was big because it was another stepping stone showing that K-State had passed Oklahoma in the Big 8 pecking order and only had Colorado and Nebraska to pass to get to the top.


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