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How a 16 team college football playoff could work

I am a proponent of a 16 team college football playoff system.  I'm sitting here watching some bowl games on New Years Day that are completely meaningless to me other than the fact that I enjoy watching college football.  A selection committee picked four teams to participate in a playoff and those games were not competitive for the most part.  New Years Day used to be the day of college football bowl games.  Most bowl games were played on New Years Day every year.  After all the games were played, AP writers would vote on who they thought the college football champion was and whoever received the most votes was declared the national champion.  It was an imperfect system, but at least a lot of the games meant something.  Sometimes a handful of teams were playing to win and receive votes as the top college football team that season.  What people didn't like was that the champion wasn't settled on the field.  Conferences had tie-ins with certain bowl games and sometimes those

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