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The Big 12 Is Boring

Last night KU basketball and Oklahoma football played games at almost exactly the same time.  Of course both won, which surprised nobody who follows this league.  The Big 12 has become downright boring. Oklahoma has won the football championship 11 times since the year 2000, including the last three titles, and will win their fourth straight after beating Texas in the Big 12 championship next weekend. Kansas has won or tied for the basketball championship the last 14 seasons.  We all know "Team Adidas" has the advantage of Adidas paying and funneling the best high school talent in the country to Lawrence, Kansas to play basketball, which creates an uneven playing field in the Big 12 that nobody seems to care about except fans of the other 11 schools that can't compete because of the unfair system which exists. Oklahoma also has an advantage of having some of the best high school talent come play for them.  Maybe it will be reported some day how they get all the b

Coaching Candidates - Seth Littrell

Seth Littrell has been mentioned by some fans as a candidate to replace Bill Snyder at Kansas State.  Littrell is 40 years old and is currently the head coach of North Texas in Conference USA.  Littrell played running back at Oklahoma from 1998-2001.  He's had assistant coaching stints at Kansas, Texas Tech, Arizona, Indiana, and North Carolina before landing the head coaching gig at North Texas in 2016. Here is his head coaching record at North Texas: He made a bowl game as a 5-7 team in 2016 and won their division in 2017 with a 7-1 conference record.  They are currently 7-2 overall and 3-2 in their division.  They beat Arkansas on the road earlier this season 44-17 but have lost to Louisiana Tech and UAB. Littrell has moved around a lot but has seen some success at North Texas.  He'll most likely make his third straight bowl game this season.  North Texas was 1-11 the season before he took over as coach, so he got them turned around pretty quickly.  He also has some

Coaching Candidates - Brent Venables

Brent Venables is often mentioned as a candidate to replace Bill Snyder at Kansas State.  Venables is 47 years old and is currently the defensive coordinator at Clemson.  He played at Garden City Community College in 1989-90 and at Kansas State for Bill Snyder in 1991-92.  He became a grad assistant at K-State in 1993 and served in that capacity until 1995.  He became linebackers coach in 1996 and coached linebackers at K-State until 1998. From 1999-2003 he was linebackers coach and co-defensive coordinator at Oklahoma under Bob Stoops.  In 2004 he became the sole defensive coordinator and served in that capacity until 2011.  In 2012 he became the defensive coordinator at Clemson and has been there ever since. Let's take a look at where his defenses ranked nationally back to 2004. Total defense rankings Clemson 2018 - 3 Clemson 2017 - 6 Clemson 2016 - 9 Clemson 2015 - 7 Clemson 2014 - 1 Clemson 2013 - 25 Clemson 2012 - 65 Oklahoma 2011 - 55 Oklahoma 2010 - 53 Okl

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