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Coaching Candidates - Jim Leavitt

I thought I'd take a look at possible coaching candidates for K-State once Bill Snyder retires.  Jim Leavitt has been mentioned over and over by a lot of people as a potential candidate.  He has a clause in his contract at Oregon that he can leave for the head coaching job at K-State with no penalty.  That caused the rumor mill to swirl a couple years ago, but nothing has ever come of it because Snyder has stayed on as coach.  Let's take a closer look at some of Jim Leavitt's numbers. I have a fond memory of Jim Leavitt when he was the head coach at South Florida, building that program from scratch and rising to be ranked as the number two team in the country during the 2007 season.  I took a look at his overall coaching record and realized that it's not as great as I remembered it to be. His overall head coaching record is 95-57, which isn't too bad.  However, he has never had less than three losses in a season and once he got South Florida into t

Thoughts after the loss to Oklahoma

This is a photo of Bill Snyder during his post game press conference after a 51-14 loss to Oklahoma in which Oklahoma called off the dogs in the 3rd quarter in a game that could have been a lot worse.  Oklahoma racked up over 700 yards of offense and Kansas State was over matched from start to finish.  OU has better athletes and better coaches than K-State.  This game showed how far away K-State is from being a ranked team.  A very long way. K-State dropped to 3-5 overall and 1-4 in conference with the loss.  Until this season it has been a rare occurrence to see a Bill Snyder coached team get blown out.  It does happen from time to time, but usually only once or twice a year.  This season K-State has lost to Mississippi State at home 31-10, at West Virginia 35-6, and at Oklahoma 51-14.  Three blowouts by more than three touchdowns in which K-State was not competitive at all in those games. There are many reasons for the struggles.  Horrible recruiting has finally caught up with

KU "The Victim"

There is a lot of news coming out surrounding the Kansas basketball program in the last couple of weeks.  Kansas is an Adidas school and Adidas is on trial for paying and funneling college basketball players to certain programs.  Kansas is the number one Adidas school, so they have been in the forefront of this trial. For as long as I can remember there has been scuttlebutt that Kansas pays its players.  Until now nobody ever knew exactly how they got away with it.  With the evidence presented in the trial, we now know.  To read a small sampling of how Kurtis Townsend and Bill Self coordinated high profile high school recruits to commit to Kansas, start reading here .  While this is not testimony in the trial and was just mentioned by the defense team in the trial, it is quite obvious that they have evidence tied to what they mentioned in closing arguments.  Once the FBI releases the evidence to the NCAA, the NCAA can begin to look into it. What does all this mean?  I have no idea.

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