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It's Time

After a frustrating loss to the Texas Longhorns 19-14 yesterday, there is more heat on Bill Snyder than I can ever remember.  Kansas City Star columnist Sam Mellinger summed it up very well in his column after the game.  I've been on the fence regarding Bill Snyder for quite a few years.  Going between 6-6 and 9-3 every year and making a minor Bowl Game isn't horrible, but it is wearing very thin.  It seems that this is "what we are."  There are no signs of the program getting better and competing for a Big 12 championship.  No "light at the end of the tunnel."  Recruiting has been piss poor the last few years, and that's being kind.  When you have the 10th rated recruiting class in the Big 12 conference and that conference includes the University of Kansas, it would be a fireable offense if your head coach was anyone other than Bill Snyder. The fact that Coach Snyder fails to see that Skylar Thompson, and not Alex Delton, gives the Wildcats the bes

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