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K-State NFL Greats - Larry Brown

Running back Larry Brown played at K-State in 1967 and 1968 after transferring from Dodge City Community College.  He didn't have spectacular numbers at K-State, rushing for 282 yards and a touchdown on 50 carries in 1967 and 402 yards and a touchdown on 111 carries in 1968.  It was still good enough to get him drafted by the Washington Redskins in the 8th round of the 1969 NFL draft. Larry played eight seasons in the NFL, cracking the thousand yard rushing barrier twice.  He rushed for 1,125 yards in 1970 and 1,216 yards in 1972.  He was a four time pro bowler, making the Pro Bowl every year from 1969 to 1972.  He was a two-time first team All-Pro (1970 and 1972) and was the NFL MVP in 1972. Brown's career was cut short due to injury and his jersey number 43, while not officially retired, has not been issued to any Redskins player since his retirement.  Brown is also a member of the Washington Redskins Ring of Fame.  According to my records Larry Brown is the only Kansas

K-State NFL Greats - Ron Nery

In researching Kansas State football players that were selected during the NFL draft streak, I noticed some K-State players from earlier drafts that I had never heard of before.  That got me curious about unrecognized K-State players that found success at the next level.  Off the top of my head I could think of Lynn Dickey, Steve Grogan, Darren Sproles, Terrence Newman, and Jordy Nelson.  When I looked back, I found plenty of other K-Staters that found success in the NFL or AFL.  I started to write about them in one blog post but found enough information about each person that I decided each should get their own post.  I'll start with Ron Nery, who played at K-State and was drafted as a tackle for the New York Giants in 1956.  He never did play for the Giants, instead signing as a defensive end for the San Diego Chargers and would eventually become part of their famous "Fearsome Foursome."  Nery was an AFL All-Pro in 1961. Here is an article that talks a bit about

Great Plays in K-State Football History: Bishop to McDonald in 1998

This touchdown pass from Michael Bishop to Darnell McDonald during the K-State/Nebraska game in Manhattan in 1998 gave the Cats the lead over Nebraska for the first time in a game since 1991.  The late, great Keith Jackson called this game.  K-State went on to win the game 40-30.  I was forced to watch this game from my living room, but I will never forget it.  One of my favorite K-State victories.

Kansas State Football in the 1992 NFL Draft

K-State didn't have anyone drafted in the 1993 draft, but if they had the draft streak would be sitting at 27 right now instead of 25.  The Wildcats had three players selected in 1993:  Defensive back Rogerick Green, Tight End Russ Campbell and Linebacker Elijah Alexander. Rogerick Green was drafted in the fifth round, number 118 overall, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He played three seasons for the Buccaneers and played his final NFL season in 1995 with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Russ Campbell was drafted in the seventh round, number 179 overall, by the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He played in seven games for the Steelers in 1992.  Russ didn't have a long NFL career, but ended up going into teaching and is currently a real estate investor in Wichita. Elijah Alexander was drafted in the tenth round (This was the final season the NFL draft was 10 rounds), number 254 overall, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  According to his Wikipedia page , he appeared in 12 games for the Bucs t

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2018 Draft

The Kansas State football NFL draft streak reached 25 years this year when DJ Reed was drafted in the fifth round, number 142 overall, by the San Francisco 49ers. According to and their "best case/worst case" scenario, DJ could make the team as either a return man or slot cornerback as best case scenario or be placed on the practice squad as a worst case scenario.  However, I found an article on CBS Sports today that says that DJ is practicing with the 49ers first team defense as starting slot corner since Richard Sherman is currently out with a hamstring injury.  Looks like he is doing pretty well so far in training camp. That completes the 25 year draft streak blogs.  I think for my next series of blogs I'm going to look back at some other notable drafts to see how some other Kansas State players fared in the pros and might also look at Kansas State players that were free agents and had an impact at the next level.

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