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Does Bill Snyder need NFL talent to compete?

What does recruiting NFL talent have to do with results on the field?  Apparently a lot, according to the numbers I compiled.  I decided to look at the entire Bill Snyder era to get the complete picture.  I left the Ron Prince years in there because Snyder had at least a small role in recruiting the players that Ron Prince coached.  I broke it down by the year of the NFL draft, the number of K-State players selected that year and the record of the K-State football team the previous year.  The numbers are below. Year Players selected in NFL Draft K-State record previous year 1990 1 1-10 1992 3 7-4 1994 1 9-2-1 1995 2 9-3 1996 1 10-2 1997 2 9-3 1998 1 11-1 1999 6 11-2 2000 5 11-1 2001 6 11-3 2002 6 6-6 2003 4 11-2 2004 2 11-4 2005 1 4-7 2006 1 5-6

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2017 Draft

Two Wildcats were selected in the 2017 NFL draft.  Defensive end Jordan Willis and linebacker Elijah Lee. Jordan Willis was selected in the third round, number 73 overall, by the Cincinnati Bengals.  He played in all 16 games as a rookie, starting one of them.  He had 17 tackles with eight assists and one sack.  Willis is expected to start along the defensive line in his second season. I found an article online where he discusses some of the challenges he faced during his rookie season. Elijah Lee was drafted in the seventh round, number 232 overall, by the Minnesota Vikings.  He was waived by the Vikings at the end of training camp of his rookie season and was signed to their practice squad.  He was signed to the San Francisco 49ers practice squad a couple weeks later.   He played in 14 games for the 49ers, recording three tackles and a forced fumble.  He is currently on the active roster of the 49ers.  Hopefully he makes their roster this fall and sees the field more in

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2016 Draft

The K-State football NFL draft streak continued in 2016 when offensive lineman Cody Whitehair was selected in the second round, number 56 overall, by the Chicago Bears.  Cody has played in 32 games in his two year NFL career and has started all of them at either center or guard for the Bears. Cody's rookie season was statistically the best of any Bears lineman since 2013 and the third best statistically of any NFL rookie since 2006 according to Pro Football Focus . Here is a video of some highlights of Cody's rookie season: I also found a fun video series called "Big Guys In Compact Cars" that featured Cody in this episode: Getting close to the end!  Only two more in the series!

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