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Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2015 Draft

Two Wildcats were selected in the 2015 NFL draft, wide receiver Tyler Lockett and defensive back Randall Evans. Tyler Lockett was drafted in the third round, number 69 overall, by the Seattle Seahawks.  In his three years with the Seahawks he has played in 47 games as a receiver, starting 25 of them.  His best season thus far was his rookie year when he had 51 catches for 664 yards and six touchdowns.  He has also returned kickoffs and punts for the Seahawks, making the Pro Bowl in 2015 and being selected to the NFL All-Pro team in 2015 as a returner.  His NFL stats are below: Here is video of a few of his return touchdowns: And video from a 197 yard performance on Monday Night Football: It's safe to say Tyler has had huge success at the next level. Randall Evans was selected in the 6th round, number 196 overall, by the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was cut by the Eagles during final roster cuts but signed to their practice squad.  He was waived by the Eagles

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2014 Draft

The Kansas State football NFL draft streak continued in 2014 when offensive tackle Tavon Rooks was drafted in the 6th round, number 202 overall, by the New Orleans Saints. Rooks was a member of the Saints practice squad as a rookie but was released after the season and signed by the Arizona Cardinals.  He was cut in June, 2015 by the Cardinals and was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs.  Rooks suffered a heart attack during training camp in August of 2015 and was placed on the medical injured reserve list and was eventually released. According to the article linked above, Tavon seems to have recovered from the heart attack, but his football career ended rather suddenly because of his medical issues.  I am unable to find anything about what Tavon is up to now. 2015 is up next!

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2013 Draft

The draft streak continued in 2013 with Arthur Brown, Chris Harper and Braden Wilson drafted. Linebacker Arthur Brown was selected in the second round, number 56 overall, by the Baltimore Ravens.  Arthur had hernia surgery shortly after his rookie mini-camp but did play in 14 games as a rookie.  He played in four games in 2014 before injuring his thigh and being placed on injured reserved by the Ravens.  He played in 16 games for the Ravens in 2015 before being released by the Ravens in September of 2016.  He was then picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he played in 12 games before being released in December of 2016.  The New York Jets signed him and released him on December 21st of 2016.  The Seattle Seahawks picked him up in March, 2017, but he was cut by July 31st. His NFL stats are below: Arthur is currently a free agent. Wide Receiver Chris Harper was drafted in the 4th round, number 123 overall, by the Seattle Seahawks.  Harper was waived during the final r

2018 Football Season Predictions

There is a lot of uncertainty going into the 2018 football season.  Who will be the starting quarterback?  How will the offense and defense look different with two new coordinators running the show?  Will it look much different at all?  Will the new linebacker corps be an improvement or will it take them time to get up to speed?  Who will step up on the defensive line?  Who will catch the balls thrown by Skylar Thompson and/or Alex Delton? Those are just a few of the questions I have going into the season.  That's what makes it very hard to predict what might happen this fall.  The constants are Bill Snyder as head coach and Sean Snyder as assistant coach and head of the special teams unit.  With those two constants, we can pretty much assume that special teams will once again be a strength and that the team overall will start slowly and gradually get better game by game as the season goes on. I thought I'd try to break down the schedule and come up with a prediction for

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2012 Draft

The Kansas State football NFL draft streak continued in 2012 when running back Bryce Brown was selected in the 7th round, number 229 overall, by the Philadelphia Eagles.  The streak almost ended this year not only because Bryce was drafted near the very end of the draft, but he left school during the 2011 football season and declared early for the draft.  If he hadn't left school, no K-State player would have been drafted in 2012. Bryce played four years in the NFL, playing in 42 games and starting seven of them.  He played two years for the Eagles, who then traded him to the Buffalo Bills in 2014.  He played one year for the Bills, who released him after one season, and he was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks, where he played for one season. His best year in the NFL was his rookie year in 2012, when he rushed for 564 yards and four touchdowns.  His NFL stats are below: I'm not sure what Bryce has been up to since the Seahawks cut him in 2015.  Can't really find

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2011 Draft

The K-State NFL draft streak continued in 2011 when running back Daniel Thomas was selected in the 2nd round, number 62 overall, by the Miami Dolphins.  Daniel played four season for the Dolphins, playing in 52 games and starting three of them.  His best season was 2011 when he had 581 yards rushing.  His NFL stats are below: Since his last on-field action, Daniel signed with the Bears and once again with the Dolphins but didn't see the field during any of those stints.  He recently signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL in 2017.  I found an article on their website highlighting the signing of Daniel in which he talks about his career path and how he ended up there.  I looked at their current roster and Daniel is not listed on it.  I can't find any articles online that say he was cut, either.  I'm not sure what he's up to now. Next up is the 2012 draft and Bryce Brown....

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2010 Draft

The Kansas State football NFL draft streak continued in 2010 when defensive back Josh Moore was drafted in the 5th round, number 141 overall, by the Chicago Bears.  He played in three games for the Bears in 2010 and was cut on September 5th, 2011.  He was picked up by the Denver Broncos in 2012, but didn't record any stats. Josh has an infamous stat according to his Wikipedia page, holding the lowest bench press score in the history of the NFL combine, with two reps of 225 pounds. That's all I've got on Josh Moore!  Here's a YouTube video showing some of his highlights while at K-State.  Unfortunately, you will have to look at those ugly uniforms with the purple pants! Up next is 2011.

Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2009 Draft

The Kansas State NFL draft streak continued in 2009 when Josh Freeman was drafted in the first round, number 17 overall, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Josh played six seasons in the NFL, playing in 62 games and starting 61 of them.  He played five years with the Buccaneers and also played for the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts.  He most recently played for a couple of teams in the CFL and recently announced his retirement from football on May 26th, 2018. His NFL stats are below: Freeman holds several Tampa Bay franchise records that I was not aware of: Buccaneers franchise records Highest quarterback rating in a single season - 95.9 (2010) (in 16 starts) Most 4th quarter comeback wins in a single season- 5 (2010) (tied with  Doug Williams ) Most game winning drives in a single season- 5 (2010) (tied with  Brad Johnson ) Highest completion percentage in a single season - 62.8 (Min. 500 attempts) (2011) Most touchdown passes thrown in consecutive games - 15 (2

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