Kansas State Football NFL Draft Streak - 2006 Draft

The Kansas State Football draft streak continued in 2006 when tackle Jeromey Clary was drafted in the 6th round, number 187 overall, by the San Diego Chargers.  Jeromey played eight seasons in the NFL, all with the Chargers, playing in 103 games and starting 93 of them.

Jeromey spent his first season on the practice squad and got his shot at the starting lineup in 2007 when he replaced an injured player.  He never looked back, becoming and staying a starter for the Chargers until his retirement.  He had a hip injury that caused him to miss the entire 2014 season and he was forced to retire in 2015.

A neat tidbit from his retirement announcement is that one of his career highlights was a touchdown run by Darren Sproles:

“That playoff game against Indy when (Darren) Sproles had that 30-iso he took to the house, that’s probably one of the greatest feelings I ever had in my life. It’s not only because we won the game, but also because of the way our stadium reacted. It was an intoxicating environment. It was awesome. I’ll never get that high back from what it’s like to run out of the tunnel and all that, so I’m grateful for everybody.”

I'm unable to find what Jeromey is up to now, however I did see that he recently got his masters in business from the University of Miami.

That's it for the class of 2006.  2007 is up next!


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