From The Couch - Smiley Faces For The Win!

  The Wildcats won their first game of 2021 yesterday, beating TCU 62-54.  The game was very much in doubt until Selton Miguel hit a three-pointer from the corner with 2:35 left to give K-State a 56-51 lead.  K-State finished the game on a 16-3 run in a game I never thought they were going to win until Miguel made that key shot down the stretch.  Let's take a look at some news and quotes of note from the game... "I called Shane after the Kansas game. I said, 'What do we need to do?' He said, 'We need to score, Coach'." ...Bruce Weber, post-game JM:  I chuckled when hearing this.  It's quite simple, but it's true.  The Wildcats struggle to score.  Have all season and, to be honest, have throughout the Bruce Weber tenure.   JM:  This was tweeted by Fitz during the KU game this past Wednesday night.  K-State shot 3 of 24 from three-point range in the game and two of those were made at the very end of the game in garbage time.  The Wildcats are a horre

Breaking Down The Wildcats 2021 Football Schedule

The Big 12 football schedules were released last week and it sure got fans buzzing about the upcoming season.  Kansas State fans already knew who they are going to play and where, so the bye week and the order of opponents were the most important reveals.  K-State has a tough road starting the season, so how the team performs in the first half of the schedule will likely end up defining whether it is a successful season or not.  I'll break down the schedule and give my way-too-early predictions for the upcoming football season. September 4th, Stanford in Dallas, Texas The first game of the season against Stanford was originally supposed to be a return home game for the Wildcats.  Instead, it was moved to a neutral site in Dallas, Texas, and will be the college football Kickoff Classic.  Stanford finished the 2020 season 4-2, winning their last four games.  They will be starting a new quarterback, with senior Jack West and sophomore Tanner McKee competing for the job.  K-State has a

From The Couch - More Futility Records For K-State Basketball/Bruce Weber Mean Tweets - February 13th Edition

    K-State basketball lost a single-season school record 12th game in a row on Saturday, losing to Oklahoma State 67-60. They scored 19 points in the first half and despite a 16-0 run in the second half were down the entire game.  I got in the car after the game and heard Bruce Weber on the post-game radio show with Wyatt Thompson and Stan Weber and Bruce mentioned that the team basically couldn't practice on Thursday and Friday because everyone was so tired and that led to the bad performance starting the game.  I've never heard a coach say that his team couldn't practice for two days in a row because they were "too tired."  Rather than recapping the game or analyzing the post-game press conference, today's tweets about Bruce Weber were quite entertaining.  Take a look... JM:  This makes Gene Taylor's "vote of confidence" of Bruce Weber all the more maddening. JM:  There have been seasons when Bruce Weber has lost his roster and there have been

Is Art Garfunkel A K-State Fan?

    The Peacock Network has a free preview this weekend and I saw that they have every episode of Saturday Night Live on it.  I'm a huge fan of the original cast up until about the mid-1990s and I watched the first couple of episodes because I have never watched them.  The first episode was hosted by George Carlin and the second episode was hosted by Paul Simon.  Simon brought on Art Garfunkel for a Simon & Garfunkel reunion of sorts.  I guess they had broken up at this point.  Anyway, that got me thinking of the last time Simon & Garfunkel performed together.  A quick search brought up the video above of Art Garfunkel doing a concert in California in 2019.  I noticed that he is wearing an old school K-State Willie the Wildcat t-shirt during this concert.  That got me curious as to his ties to K-State and wondering why he is wearing the t-shirt. I looked at his Wiki page and there is no reference to K-State, Manhattan, or Kansas.  I searched on various search engines and ha

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

It's time for another version of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Kansas State basketball edition!  I know you've all been waiting for this with bated breath!  Let's dig right in... The Good Nijel Pack.  The freshman guard has been fun to watch since returning from missing four straight games due to Covid.  He's scored in double figures in each of the last five games, averaging 17 points per game, scored 26 points against Texas A&M, and had 22 last night against Texas.  He's also averaged five rebounds a game during that stretch, which isn't too bad for the guy running the point guard position.  He leads the team in scoring at 12.5 points per game on the season and has increased his three-point field goal percentage to 41.4%.  Jared Butler of Baylor is shooting 44.6% from three-point range on the season, so Pack is not that far behind what the league leader is shooting.  The Wildcats need Pack to continue to play well if they want to be competitive down the

From The Couch - Gene Taylor Speaks About Bruce Weber's Job Status

Gene Taylor appeared on KMAN 1350 AM "The Drive" with John Kurtz and Wyatt Thompson yesterday and was asked by Kurtz about Bruce Weber's job status.  There were a few quotes of note... "It is what it is I guess.  I don't enjoy talking about it in the middle of the season when someone has a contract." ...Gene Taylor, KMAN, February 8th JM:  Kurtz asked Taylor what it was like having to answer questions about Bruce Weber's job status.  Taylor is obviously uncomfortable addressing it during the season, even dropping one of my least favorite phrases "it is what it is." "You know, obviously we have fans that are upset and frustrated and I get that.  On the other hand I get people that have reached out to support Bruce. Bruce has done a lot for us and our program." ...Gene Taylor, KMAN, February 8th JM:  Taylor keeps mentioning that there are a large percentage of people that want Bruce Weber to remain as the coach. Who are these people tha

From The Couch - Chiefs Super Bowl Edition

  It's Super Bowl Sunday and the Kansas City Chiefs are playing in the game for the second year in a row.  Wow, those are words I never thought I'd type or say out loud.  While I'm waiting for the game to start I thought I'd do a Super Bowl edition of "From The Couch."  Enjoy! “But, man. What’s crazy is, that Pat, he’s been on a roll. What’s crazy is, I haven’t seen Pat throw dots like this at practice. Like he’s been throwing crazy dots. Like he usually throws dots, but the dots he’s been throwing lately have been crazy . I ain’t even gonna cap. I mean, I’m pretty fired up. Wait and see, I’ve got to rub my hands together. I’m excited about that.” ...Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, February 4th, 2021 JM:  These comments would indicate we're going to see quite a show from Patrick Mahomes today.  Perfect practice makes perfect, so if Mahomes is throwing "dots" in practice, we'll probably see that in the game.  I ain't even gonna cap. &q

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